Public Notice Information

  • Public Comment: Rule Revision, General Rules for Child Care Facilities

    The Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Early Childhood is proposing revisions to the General Rules for Child Care Facilities, Sections 7.701.33 D and J. 

    The purpose of the proposed revisions are to ensure compliance with federal background check requirements. 

    The changes to the rule include:

    • Requirement of a National Sex Offender Registry Check for all individuals caring for children in child care centers, school-age facilities, family child care homes and qualified exempt homes.
    • Requirement of Interstate Background Check for each state for each state an individual has resided in the past five years including a state criminal history check, state sex offender registry check and a state abuse and neglect registry check.  

    Next Steps: 

    You are invited to review the proposed rule revisions and to submit questions or comments regarding the proposed rule revisions by completing this form

    Please only comment on proposed revisions to Sections 7.701.33 D and 7.701.33 J. 

    Public Comment will close Wednesday, May 30, 2020.

The Office of Early Childhood is committed to informing partners, communities and families of changes in rules, regulations or statewide implementation plans. Opportunities to review and comment will be shared here.​

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