COVID-19: Information for Temporary Employees

Information for Temporary Employees

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, some child care providers have made the difficult decision to temporarily close during this time, while others have decided to remain open or re-open after initially closing. This situation has impacted the workforce as well.  Some early childhood professionals whose facilities are closed want to continue working during this crisis, while other professionals whose sites are open may not be able to work for various reasons.  

To help connect those providers who need staff with temporarily available early childhood professionals, the following structure has been developed.

Job Board

Healthy Child Care Colorado has an existing job board that they have generously offered as the platform for connecting providers with temporarily available early childhood professionals.

Instructions for Child Care Providers

Child care providers who need temporary staff to stay open during this crisis may create a free Healthy Child Care Colorado account and post their job listings on the job board, under the category “Temporary – COVID-19.”  Once their posting is reviewed, the position will be listed on the job board within 24 hours. Providers should include the following language as part of their job posting:

Only applicants with a verification letter from the Office of Early Childhood, Colorado Department of Human Services may apply for this temporary position. Applicants will be required to submit their verification letter as part of the application process.

Instructions for Early Childhood Professionals

If you are an early childhood professional currently employed and working a desired number of hours, please continue to do so with no change. This structure and the temporary employment arrangements that may result from it are intended to fill a short-term need.  The anticipation is that when all licensed programs can safely re-open, existing staff will return to the site where they worked before the crisis began.

Early childhood professionals who are temporarily available due to COVID-related closures and who wish to work at another licensed program during this time need to:

  • The first step to apply to temporarily work at an Emergency Child Care Center is completing the Interested in Temporarily Working at a Child Care Program The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) will then verify qualifications.
  • The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) will send a verification letter that confirms they have the qualifications to work as an early childhood teacher, assistant teacher, assistant director, or director.
  • Check the Healthy Child Care Colorado job board for postings near them that match their qualifications and that are categorized as “Temporary – COVID-19.” Applicants should follow the posting employer’s job application process and will be expected to submit their OEC-issued verification letter as part of their application.
  • Once matched with a temporary employer you must complete the Authorization to Share Background Checks to authorize the sharing of your background checks with your temporary employer. OEC will manage the temporary tracking of background checks to emergency child care sites.
  • OEC will send the individual a confirmation email that we have received their authorization to share background checks and will track the temporary sharing of the background checks.

If you have questions regarding this process please email  We will do our best to answer emails within 48 hours.