Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) Administration

  • Colorado Child Care Assistance Program: Information for Counties

    The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) provides child care assistance to families that are working, searching for employment or are in training, and families that are enrolled in the Colorado Works Program and need child care services to support their efforts toward self-sufficiency.

    The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program is administered through county departments of human/social services under the direction of the Division of Early Care and Learning, the lead agency for the federal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). The state reports policies related to child care assistance to the federal government through the Colorado State Plan for CCDF Services. ​

    View the Family Income Guidelines for CCCAP eligibility.

    Please refer to the Colorado Department of Human Services Memo Series for important updates and information regarding the management of CCCAP and the Code of Colorado Regulations rules regulating the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program

  • CCCAP Allocation Task Group

    The CCCAP Allocation Task Group operates under the Finance Policy Advisory Committee (Sub-PAC). The task group designs the allocation formula and presents it as a recommendation to the Finance Sub-PAC. Currently, 12 voting members make up the task group, 9 from counties and 3 from the state. 

    CCCAP Allocation Task Group meetings are public. Meeting details may be found on the calendar

  • CHATS Modernization Project

    The Child Care Automated Tracking System (CHATS) is the automated system used by the state and its county partners to manage and monitor the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP). 

    Based on the recommendations provided in a comprehensive needs assessment completed by Berry Dunn in October of 2014, the Office of Early Childhood received funding to modernize the CHATS system. After a rigorous bid process, Deloitte was chosen to support the CHATS Modernization project. This includes helping CCCAP set priorities and create a vision for the CHATS Modernization project.

    Upon completion of this work, Deloitte will deliver a roadmap for modernization and a gap analysis related to the creation and ongoing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of the new system. The Office of Early Childhood will use these deliverables to move forward with the implementation phase of CHATS Modernization.  

    County staff can view monthly status reports on the CHATS Modernization Project page. Status reports will be posted the third week of the following month.

​Questions? Contact the CCCAP Unit:

Division of Early Care and Learning, CDHS
1575 Sherman Street, 1st Floor
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 1-800-799-5876 or 303-866-5948
Fax: 303-866-4453