Step 1: Learn About Early Intervention

The Early Intervention (EI) Colorado program provides developmental supports and services to children and their families from birth through two years of age (up to the child’s 3rd birthday) who have developmental needs. EI Colorado can help improve your child’s ability to develop and learn. The program can also help you and your family learn ways to support and promote your child’s development within your family’s daily activities and community life.
Each family referred to the EI Colorado program will be assigned a service coordinator within three business days of the referral being made. A service coordinator works with you throughout your child’s involvement with the EI Colorado program, assists you in accessing services and informs you of your legal rights. A service coordinator is your main point of contact and is an important part of the EI process.
EI Colorado does not charge family fees and services are provided at no cost to families who participate in the program. There are no income requirements to participate in the EI Colorado program.
Once your child is eligible for EI Colorado and an IFSP is developed, your service coordinator will work with you to discuss funding options and ensure that the services listed on the IFSP are provided to your family.